Learn to Read Programme

  • Learning English well gives children huge advantages in all areas.
  •  Unlike most learn to read books, this series also teaches children to have a spiritual, ecological and balanced view of life.
  •  Only modern secular culture is shown as “normal” in reading programs.
  •  Most beginning phonics readers are not interesting and so do not inspire children.
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"New Video: Training to use Learn to Read"

This is Dr. Best Learn to Read, a Krishna Conscious reading series. Watch the video to learn more about the value of Dr. Best Learn to Read! Continue Reading

Dr Best 'Learn To Read' SET A,B, and C : Special Offer will ending Soon!!! Hurry

The program is systematic which makes learning English easy, fun and natural. It was developed by Dr Edith Best (Urmila devi dasi) who has a  PhD in education and 3 decades of experience. Instructions are so detailed and clear that even inexperienced teachers or parents can get great results. The “Talking” feature of the MagicPen allows children to touch the pages and then hear the stories in English, and various    Continue Reading


The “Recorder” pen feature allows children to interact with the book and helps a teacher to easily monitor many children’s reading skills. It also allows children to compare their own reading to the pre-recorded English in the book itself. Continue Reading

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